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Email [email protected] for more info or to register a team!

Skeeson I Schedule posted below, or you can click here for the weekly matches and times for each team!

3/28/13 – Free Skee Tourney / Registration (early bird discount)
4/11/13 – Free Skee Tourney / Registration
4/18/13 – Final Free Skee Tourney / Registration
4/25/13 – Week 1
5/2/13 – Week 2
5/9/13 – Week 3
5/16/13 – Week 4
5/23/13 – Week 5
5/30/13 – Week 6
6/6/13 – Week 7
6/13/13 – Week 8
6/20/13 – Playoffs
6/22/13 – Super Saturday (Championships)


Q) Where is this supposed heaven located?
A) Cahaba Brewery aka the mecca of Birmingham

Q) How many folks per team?
A) 3 people per team. Some teams have a sub on standby if needed.

Q) How can I sign up to play?
A) Email [email protected] with the following info:

  •   Clever team name (Most people incorporate “skee” or “roll” in their name. Some examples of previous names used can be found here.)
  •   Teammates names (3 folks per team).
  •   Email addresses for teammates (we send out a weekly ‘skeemail’ to keep everyone in the loop and updated).
  •   Shirt sizes for teammates.

Q) How much is this gonna run me?
A) $20 per person for registration ($10 if you catch the early bird special), which covers your official skee-shirt, trophies, personalized trading cards, etc. (And yes, we just said skeeball trading cards.) After that you just pay for your skeeball.  $1/game and just like bowling, everyone rolls ten games per night.

Q) Do we need team shirts or uniforms?
A) Yes, by week 4 your team needs some type of “uniform”. Some folks get customized shirts, others wear matching headbands, others rock koozies. Your call!

Q) How long does the league last?
A) Each “skeeson” is 8 weeks long and then it’s a week of playoffs and “Super Saturday” (championships).

Q) What time do the weekly matches start and how long do they last?
A) Each team plays one match (matches typically last about 1 hour each) at either 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, or 10:00.  Times will vary week to week for each team, but if certain teams have to work late and need later matches, or have to work early in the morning and need earlier matches, we can typically accommodate this.

If you have any further question feel free to email us at [email protected]